Plastics are a subset of materials called polymers. The development of a variety of polymers combined with the ability to blend or mix different polymers has made available a wide selection of plastics. This range of choices allows product designers to tailor the materials they use to possess specific properties, processing characteristics and costs.

Plastics offer extraordinary advantages in product manufacturing. Because they are easily softened or melted, they can be molded into almost any shape. Plastics have replaced traditional materials like metals and wood in countless applications because of their cost effectiveness and property attributes.

Elastomers refer to ductile, tough polymers that frequently have high elasticity. Most elastomers were developed either as cost competitive substitutes for vulcanized natural rubber or were formulated to meet a specific property requirement found lacking in natural rubber. Because most elastomers lend themselves to being compounded with many different materials, the choice of elastomer compounds available and the range of their uses is unlimited.

What makes rubber and elastomer compounds doubly challenging for testing functions is the interrelation of the compound components with how it is processed. The combination of compounds containing many components and highly optimized processing requires thorough testing and constant monitoring of properties to ensure a consistent quality product.

Any company producing or utilizing these compounds in their product would be well advised to develop effective testing regimens. One need only follow the news in recent years of highly publicized catastrophes relating to tires and o-rings to know how important it is to thoroughly test products made from this class of materials for every conceivable usage.

Polymer industry in Iran has played an important role in strengthening the economy, creating job opportunities and pushing the Iranian standards to a world-class level, and Behzadkar has had a major role and responsibility, to serve the Iranian metal industry with quality control and testing instruments that help the industry to achieve the highest level of standards and product qualities.

Our testing technologies that we represent and offer to our large number of customers widespread in Iran, from major worldwide manufacturers include:

  • Universal Tensile / Compression Testing Machines (Static / Dynamic)
  • Portable and Bench-top Hardness Testers and Durometers (Shore / IRHD)
  • Image Analysis Software and Systems
  • Impact Testers (Pendulum, Izod, Charpy, Drop Weight, etc.)
  • Melt Flow Testers
  • Rebound Resilience Testers
  • Abrasion Testers
  • Sample Preparation Equipment (Dies, Molds, Clicker Presses, Milling Machines)
  • Flexometers
  • COF Testers (Coefficient of Friction)
  • Rheometers
  • Densimeters (Specific Gravity Testers)
  • Thickness Gauges
  • Wide Range of Specimen Grips and Fixtures for various tests
  • And much more…

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