Pulp is the main ingredient in the papermaking process. Pulp can be made from a variety of materials: wood pulp, recycled paper, cotton, flax, straw, and bamboo.

Paper is a critical part of life found almost everywhere.

Building and automotive applications include car insulation, tar paper, flooring, counter top laminates and gypsum wall board.

Office supplies of writing paper, envelopes, receipts, checks, etc.

Recreational uses can include playing cards, coloring books, photographs, board games, kites and party favors to name a few.

Household items like facial and bath tissue, sponges, disposable diapers, paper plates and cups, wallpaper.

Medical items include bandages, surgical gowns and masks, gauze, etc.

Behzadkar has been a major partner for the Iranian Paper & cardboard industry in supplying them with a wide range of quality control solutions.



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