Steel and many other ferrous metals are widely used in automobiles, rail cars, utility poles, buildings, appliances, cans, collapsible tubes, infrastructure, bridges, road construction, architectural applications, turbines, etc. In addition, Aluminum with high electrical conductivity, ductility and low atomic mass is frequently used in electrical transmission lines. It is also used in pipes, sheets, ductwork, airplanes, juice cans, furniture, appliances, components and alloys.

Many other metals, including above have many useful applications in our daily life, and production of such metallic parts, components, products and materials will require a quality control process to ensure that they meet the set standards for enhancement of our level of standards and qualities.

Metal industry in Iran has played an important role in strengthening the economy, creating job opportunities and pushing the Iranian standards to a world-class level, and Behzadkar has had a major role and responsibility, to serve the Iranian metal industry with quality control and testing instruments that help the industry to achieve the highest level of standards and product qualities.

Our testing technologies that we represent and offer to our large number of customers widespread in Iran, from major worldwide manufacturers include:

  • Universal Tensile / Compression Testing Machines (Static / Dynamic)
  • Portable and Bench-top Hardness Testers (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers, Universal)
  • Hardness Testing accessories including Test Blocks, Indenters, etc.
  • Metallography Equipment including grinders, polishers, cutters, etc.
  • Image Analysis Software and Systems
  • Fatigue Testing Machines
  • Impact Testers (Pendulum, Drop Weight, etc.)
  • Roughness Testing Equipment
  • Sample Preparation Equipment
  • And much more…

Please contact us for further detailed product or pricing information about our extensive range of advanced testing equipment for metals.



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