Testing food products for texture-related qualities enables the food industry to develop new products and improve existing ones. The tenderness of peas and poultry as well as the crispness of potato chips and crunchiness of apples are subjects under investigation by many laboratories. The freshness of baked goods—bread, cookies, crackers—is important to consumers and may be objectively measured with food testing equipment. Many food firms are searching for the proper combination of crispness, crunchiness and chewiness to make their products successful. New packaging methods and antistalants promote longer shelf lives, and food technologists need to carefully measure the effects of such advancements.

Frozen fish, shrimp and other foods require careful processing and technologists are seeking optimal methods through testing of each alternative. Creams, gels and puddings must have the appropriate viscosity of flow properties that are measured in specialized fixtures on testing instruments.

Food technologists worldwide are using precision equipment to measure texture properties of food, including ripeness, chewiness, gumminess, brittleness, viscoelasticity, and tenderness. These properties can objectively characterize new foods that can be prepared quickly but taste like homemade to help food makers find success in the marketplace.

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